BODY CONTOURINGUS CAVITATION/ RADIO FREQUENCYDual Low Frequency Elite Ultrasound Liposuction [Cavitation] Combined with Tri-Polar RF allows for Faster, More Dramatic Body Shaping & Fat Removal with Beneficial Tissue Tightening

The Ultrasound Liposuction treatment does not require any special pre-treatment preparations. Measurements & photos will be taken of the target body area, & treatment protocols will be selected accordingly.  An ultrasound transducer will be applied in a circular motion over the treatment site using dual low frequency ultrasound waves with the ability to penetrate deep into the tissue and break down fat cell membranes.  The RF modality generates heat in the tissue to stimulate the lymphatic system as well as causing immediate collagen contraction and regeneration, improving cellulite reduction, wrinkles and skin laxity.

Low Intensity Ultrasound Liposuction Fat Removal

When applied to excessive layers of subcutaneous fat, low frequency ultrasound waves cause cavitation, or “bubbles” to implode against fat tissue, applying steady pressure until the membrane bursts. This allows the liquid fat inside the fat cells to be emptied into the fluid between the fat cells. The fat cell contents and the remaining debris is then more easily transported and eliminated via the lymphatic system.
Tri-Polar RF modality to further enhance treatment results. As the RF energy meets resistance in the tissue, the generated heat is deposited deeply into the dermis causing immediate collagen contraction and regeneration, improving wrinkles & skin laxity. The thermal effects of RF energy can further reduce cellulite & excess body fat. The ELITE RF hand piece utilizes a Tri-Polar configuration, enabling the therapist to treat multiple depths simultaneously. The distribution of energy is safe, controlled and extremely effective for body shaping treatments.