The healthy aging peptide. CJC + Ipamorelin is a combination of 30 amino acids. Research shows that CJC + Ipamorelin stimulates human growth hormone secretion and can provide a steady increase of IGF-1 with minimal effect on cortisol and prolactin levels.

Patients have shared the following benefits of this peptide:

Decreased body fat

Increased muscle mass

Increased strength

Improved energy & strength

Improved quality of sleep

Increases physical and mental performance

Enhances calcium retention

Improves skin elasticity

Aids in connective tissue repair post-injury


The natural, healing peptide. Body Protection Compound is composed of 15 amino acids and naturally resides in the stomach juices where it protects and heals the gut.

BPC-157 is an incredible peptide and may help you in the following areas:

Promotion of effective tendon-to-bone healing

Protection of organs to prevent ulcers in the stomach

Decrease pain in damaged areas

Reduce muscle soreness

Help to heal nerve injuries


A peptide with a story. Originally studied for its sunless tanning potential, PT-141 caught the attention of scientists when it caused spontaneous erections for 9 out of 10 male volunteer test subjects.

Patients have noted the following:

enhancing sexual satisfaction in both genders

Increasing libido and sexual desire in both genders

Promoting stronger erections

increasing energy

decreasing appetite

tanning skin without UVB damage